Plumeria Leaves Yellowing - Causes and Solution

Plumeria yellow leaves

I love Plumeria a lot and that's why I am a bit serious about this plant. If you follow my blogs on a regular basis, you might have seen that I brought a Plumeria to my home garden almost a year ago.

I have faced a lot of issues with this plant like Plumeria Leaves Curling and mealybugs. But whatever I faced with this plant, I share why that happened and also how to fix that. Hopefully, my Plumeria is healthy now and giving a lot of beautiful flowers.

But around a month ago, I noticed yellowing my Plumeria leaves. In this article, I will let you know the reason for Plumeria leaves yellowing and how to fix that.

What did I check when I saw yellow leaves on my Plumeria?

It's always better to notice carefully if there are any other symptoms rather than the main symptom. I examined it carefully and there were no bugs at all.

So I checked the soil to see if it was too watery.

Plumeria leaves yellowing
You can see in the rainy season plumeria leaves yellowing

Naturally, plumeria loves rain and it grows faster in this season, but if the soil is inappropriate and its soaking too much water and there is no well drainage, then your plumeria leaves can turn yellow.

The reasons: Plumeria leaves yellowing

If this is your plumeria's growing season and still you are getting yellow leaves, then the most probable reason is too much water in the soil or lack of water.

Everyone will give this reason, but here I will be sharing my personal experience so that you can figure out if it's over-watering or lack of water.

Pick a yellow leaf from your Plumeria plant. Look carefully at the leaf stalk (cylindrical stalk or petiole). Now, tear the stalk with your nails. If you find that the stalk is juicy or has enough water in it, then you are over-watering your plant. Maybe due to heavy rain, this can happen also. If the stalk is dry, then the reason is not over-watering. You can water the plant if you wish 3 times a week.

If it's in a dormant phase for your plant then it is natural for the leaves to turn yellow and fall off the leaves.

Lack of nitrogen in the soil can also be a reason.

How to fix this?

If you follow my above steps then probably you might get an idea why this is happening.

If it's due to over-watering and your plant is in a put then put it in a sunny place for a few days in the daytime and put it under shade at night.

If it is your Pluemria's dormant phase, then relax and do nothing, it will be fixed automatically.

If you are using fertilizers, then stop it for a month. Or you can put some organic fertilizer if possible.

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