Plumeria Leaves Curling - Causes and how to fix

Plumeria Leaves Curling

I bought a Plumeria plant 3 months ago and that was healthy. I planted it in my garden soil and the plant was growing fast. But for a month I noticed that the leaves of my plumeria were getting curled. Obviously, the curly leaves are not a healthy sign for a plant.

What did I notice? Symptoms of curling leaves of plumeria

Yes, the curl leaves are the first and major symptom of this disease. But do you know that there are other things that occur at the same time?

Plumeria curling leaves

If you look at the above image carefully, you can see the flower buds are also getting abnormal shapes and shrinking randomly.

If there are no buds at the leaf-curling stage, then you are lucky. Otherwise, the flowers will also not be so charming if bloom at that time.

What's the reason for plumeria leaf curling?

I will first explain the reason why my plumeria gets curled leaves then I will explain the other possible reasons behind it.

Plumeria bug for curl leaf

If you take a closer look just at the blue circular mark in the above image, you can find insect eggs.

That's the reason for my plumeria curled leaves. There were bugs sucking the leaf stems.

Other possible reasons

If there are no pests or bugs on your plumeria and still the leaves are curling, there might be other reasons behind this.

  1. Lack of water.
  2. Excessive amount of chemical fertilizer.
  3. Lack of nitrogen in the soil.

How to fix curled leaves

If your plumeria is getting a huge amount of sunlight in the daytime, make sure the soil is moisture enough. Otherwise, it will shrink or curl the leaves to tolerate drought. It's not good for the appearance of this plant.

Make sure to give water enough.

If you are using any chemical fertilizer, stop adding that fertilizer to the soil until the plant recovers. Putting in some extra water will dissolve the fertilizer easily. Once it is dissolved add more water to the soil so that it dilutes the fertilizer.

Friendly note: Check the water drainage system. Good water drainage in the soil will be beneficial for you in this case.

If the curling of leaves is due to any pests or bugs, buy some anti-pests or anti-bugs and spray them on your plant. You can ask the shopkeeper to suggest the best one for your plant.

If you are not using any fertilizer and there are no bugs or pests then consider giving nitrogen-based fertilizer to it. Lack of nitrogen in the soil can cause curling leaves.

How much time it can take to recover the leaves?

It depends on the severity of the disease.

But in my personal experience, you can't recover the leaves that are already infected. But the new leaves will be better and fine if you follow the above-mentioned remedies.

Here is my plumeria plant after recovering curly leaves. You can see the new leaves are healthy.

Plumeria after recovering curly leaves
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