How to Grow Cypress Vine from Seed

Grow Cypress Vine from Seed

Every year I fall in love with cypress vine again and again. In my previous article, I wrote about growing cypress vine. Then, I thought that did not go deep into growing cypress vine from seeds.

So I decided to write another article on how to grow cypress vine from seeds. But I do not write unless I grow that flowering plant on my own.

I collected the seeds of cypress vine from my own garden. Then I grew charming saplings from those. I will share my journey of growing those from seeds here.

Step 1: Collect seeds of Cypress Vine flower plant

If you can manage to buy the seeds that's great. But make sure that you buy from a good source for getting healthy seeds.

If you have friend or relative who can give you the seeds, you can use those.

But if you wish to collect the seeds from your cypress vine flower plant, then take a look at the above picture.

There are multiple dry capsules and the seeds are inside those. Just collect the capsules from the plant and you can take out the seeds inside those.

Take a look at the below picture to get an idea how does it look:

You can see there are three seeds on my hand palm.

They are dry and perfect. Ready to be planted.

When to plant cypress vine seeds?

Yes, the seeds are ready to be planted. But wait, I would not suggest you plant just right after collecting those from the plants. Do you know why?

Because it will start giving you flowers within a few days of planting without getting a grown plant.

Just like this picture below:

The reason is simple, the season will still be its flowering season. So wait for the next growing season and then plant those seeds. This will make your plant well-grown and beautiful. (As I love the leaves and flowers both)

Where to plant cypress vine seeds? Pot or ground?

You can plant the seeds anywhere you would like. But if you have ground space, then plant the sapling on the ground. Because this plant can spread widely in a short time in the growing season.

Sand-mixed soil is good for this plant.


Do not overwater it but after each dry soil phase, water properly.


During the first 20 days do not keep it in full-day sunlight. But when the plant is established keep it in full sunlight in daytime.