How to grow Cypress Vine in Florida

Cypress Vine in Florida

In this article, I will be giving a full guide on how to grow and take care of cypress vine in Florida with my personal experiences. I have been growing this plant for the last 5 years and this is now one of my favorite flowers.

Information table of Cypress Vine

Scientific Name Ipomoea quamoclit
Also Known As Cardinal Creeper, Star Glory, Cypress Vine
Planting Time Late spring to early summer
Plant Length Vines can grow up to 10-20 feet (3-6 meters)
Lifespan Annual
Soil Type Well-drained, fertile soil
Fertilizer Balanced, all-purpose fertilizer
Watering Keep soil consistently moist, not soggy
Sunlight Full sun to partial shade. (They love sunlight)
Flower Colors Red, pink, white

Getting to Know the Cypress Vine

Cypress vine, also known as cardinal climber or star glory, is a member of the Morning Glory family (Convolvulaceae). It's named for its feathery, fern-like leaves and striking, tubular red flowers.

Choosing the Right Location to Grow Cypress Vine in Florida

The first step in growing cypress vine successfully is selecting the right spot. Here's what you need to consider:

  1. Sunlight: Cypress vines thrive in full sun. Make sure that you place this where it will get proper sunlight. They'll reward you with profuse blooms in return.
  2. Soil: Well-draining soil is crucial to prevent root rot. Sandy or loamy soils work best, but if you have heavier clay soil, amending it with organic matter like compost will help improve drainage and fertility.

Planting Your Cypress Vine

Hope you have planned a perfect place to plant your Cypress Vine. Now it's time to get your hands dirty:

  1. Seeds: We can easily grow this plant from seeds. You can get the seeds from available nurseries and online stores as well. Plant them about ΒΌ inch deep in the soil. If you have a friend of yours who is having this flower, you can ask him or her to give you seeds.
  2. Spacing: Allow about 6 to 12 inches between each seed or seedling.
  3. Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, especially during the germination and early growth stages.

Support and Training

Cypress vines are natural climbers, but they'll need a little help to reach their full potential:

  1. Support: Trellis, fence, or other support structure can be helpful for the vines to climb and twine. They'll eagerly scale it, creating a beautiful living curtain.
  2. Training: As your vines grow, gently guide them towards the support structure to encourage upward growth. This will help them develop a dense, lush appearance.
Cypress vine support
If you don't give proper support it will hold itself with vines

If you take a closer look at the above picture you can understand that if you do not give proper support then they will tie themselves. It might decrease the quantity of flowers that you can get.

Maintenance and Care

Cypress vines are relatively low-maintenance, but a little care goes a long way:

  1. Pruning: Regularly trim any dead or unruly growth to maintain the vine's shape and promote more abundant flowering.
  2. Fertilization: Apply a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer) to boost growth and flowering. Follow the package instructions for application rates.

In my personal experience, I have never done pruning to Cypress Vine, but still, it grows perfectly and gives a good amount of flowers.

Attracting Wildlife

One of the joys of growing cypress vine is the wildlife it attracts:

  1. Hummingbirds: These charismatic birds are drawn to the vibrant red blossoms, making your garden a hummingbird hotspot.
  2. Butterflies and Bees: Cypress vine is also a magnet for butterflies and bees, contributing to the pollination of your garden and supporting local ecosystems.

I have seen a lot of butterflies and birds roaming around this flower in the daytime.

Some pictures of Cypress Vine grown in Florida

I hope you will love what I have grown for you. (And for myself)


Growing cypress vine in Florida is a rewarding experience that brings color and life to your garden while supporting local wildlife. With its striking red flowers, delicate foliage, and ease of care, this native vine is a true gem of the Sunshine State. So, grab some gardening tools and seeds, and get ready to cultivate your own piece of Florida's natural beauty. Happy gardening!

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