Grow Desert Rose from Seed

Desert rose seed propagation

In this article, I will share my experience of growing Desert Rose from seeds. We can propagate Desert Rose seed as well as propagate it from cuttings.

In my previous article, I have discussed How to Grow Desert Rose in Florida.

Here, I will let you know the basics of Desert Rose seed propagation so that you can easily grow your plants from the seeds.

Then I will show you how to speed up or accelerate the germination process of desert rose seeds.

Extraction of seeds from seed pod

Your first step is to collect the seeds from the seed pods.

This step is only for those who are interested in collecting the seeds on their own from the seed pod instead of buying or collecting the seeds from somewhere else.

Desert Rose does not provide a seed pod for every flower that blooms. But if you wait, you can expect at least 2 to 3 seed pods in a blooming season.

The seed pods look like this:

Desert rose seed pod

The shape and color may vary as there are many types of Desert Rose out there.

Do not pluck the seed pods when they are too young. Let them dry first on the branches.

But here is an important thing that I need to say:

If you let the seeds dry too long on the branches, they'll catch the wind and all fly away.

So collect the seeds from the seed pod before they get fully dried. The seed pod somehow looks like a plumeria seed pod.

If you open up or break the seed pod, it will look like this:

Desert rose seed pod

If you look carefully, you can see brush-like fibers on each end of the single seeds. Just remove those fibers. It is not necessary but recommended.

Seed collection is done.

Step to speed up germination (This is optional)

If you wish your seeds to be germinated faster, you can take a bowl of lukewarm water. (It should not be too hot or cold, it should be warm that's all)

Then soak the seeds in the water bowl for 2 to 3 hours. The seeds will not drown and will float.

If you wish to avoid this step you can.

Disinfecting the seeds or sterilizing the soil

It is always better to disinfect the seeds before sowing.

You can spray the antifungal solution on the seeds or keep the seeds in an antifungal solution for 6 hours.

But I don't do this. Instead of this, I pour hot water directly into the soil and then after 30 minutes, I pour cold water to make it cold. This helps me to sterilize the whole soil where I am about to sow the seeds.

Sowing the desert rose seeds

On your prepared soil (cocopeat + normal soil mix) you can drag little deep lines using your finger and then sow the seeds. Make sure that you give a gap of at least 10 cm from each one while sowing the seeds.

Or if you are using a nursery pot then put one or two seeds in a single pot.

After that, sprinkle water on it every day but not too much. (Do not let the soil totally dry) You can also cover up the container or the soil with transparent plastic. It will increase the humidity and speed up the germination process.

FAQ on desert rose seed propagation

Here I have listed some of the questions on this topic and answered those. These questions are asked mostly on the internet. I hope this will help you.

When can I expect germination to be started after sowing the desert rose seeds?

In general, the germination time of Desert rose seed is 4 to 15 days. But if you follow my steps. You can expect the germination within a week.

Why my desert rose seeds are not germinating

The most possible reason is you are over watering it or your seed is got infected.

You can disinfect the seeds and sterilize the soil as I have described above.

For watering, do not make your soil too damp. Damoish soil is not good for the seeds. Water when the soil just starts getting dry.

The seeds love sunlight, so if possible keep them outside after sowing so that they can get sunlight.

Under my desert rose plant, nature itself grew up little cute saplings. I am sharing the pictures here: (It was raining so the seeds were not flown by the air)

Desert rose saplings