Why there are no flowers on Bougainvillea but only leaves

no flowers on Bougainvillea but only leaves

I am always busy experimenting with flowers. (Don't take it wrong, I am not harming plants)

I have planted a lot of Bougainvillea. But noticed that in some cases, it did not bloom. So why Bougainvillea does not bloom? In this article, I will be sharing the reason and you can avoid those to get a lot of flowers.

The possible reasons behind "No Flowers on Bougainvillea"

It's a specialty of nature that each and every living creature on the earth tends to propagate.

In my personal experience, I have seen a lot of times that if a plant is weak or not getting food enough it starts giving flowers and fruits. The reason is simple, it's a specialty of our nature that each and every living creature on this planet tends to propagate. A weak plant can not live for a long time that's why it starts the process of propagation.

An excessive amount of fertilizer

My father used to give more than enough fertilizer to the plants. Some plants can survive and grow much faster. But the result is "It does not bloom".

If you give more than enough fertilizer to your Bougainvillea, it will grow fast and also it will give you a lot of leaves. It can make your Bougainvillea so much green.

But you are not planting Bougainvillea just to get flowers right?

So always make sure you do not put more than enough fertilizer to your flower plant.

Stop using Nitrogen fertilizer and instead of that use phosphate and potassium.

Avoid hard pruning

In my How to grow bougainvillea article, I talked about hard pruning. But avoid this if you want your plant to give blossoms after bringing it to your home from a nursery.

Do not change the planting location again and again

Choose an ideal location and plant it. Try not to change the location again and again.

Take care of the roots

If you see there is no flower or your bougainvillea is not blooming then the possible reason might be the roots are damaged. It can be done by fungus or it may be damaged by excessive amounts of water. Stop watering for a couple of days and let it dry.

Not getting enough sunlight

As I told you earlier in my article, Bougainvillea needs a lot of sunlight (direct). So make sure your plant is getting enough sunlight. (At least 6 hours in a day)