Sedeveria Lilac Mist - Propagation, Growing, Caring Tips

Sedeveria Lilac Mist

In this article, I will give you tips on growing Sedeveria Lilac Mist along with caring tips.

Sedeveria Lilac Mist is a lovely succulent that is a hybrid of two popular succulent genera, Sedum and Echeveria

If you are in love with succulent plants then this plant is going to be a great choice to add to your collection. The reason is simple, it is easy to grow and easy to take care of.

The most interesting part is its leaf propagation which I will also explain how to do.

Sedeveria Lilac Mist Plant Information

Aspect Information
Common Name Lilac Mist Succulent
Foliage Green mixed with grey and the shape of the leaves are like hearts
Flower color Light pink, Purple, or white
Propagation Leaf cuttings, offsets
Soil Well-draining cactus or succulent soil
Light Bright, indirect sunlight
Temperature 60-80°F (15-27°C)
Watering Once a week will be enough
Fertilizing Diluted, balanced liquid fertilizer in the growing season
Pests and Diseases Mealybugs and aphids.

Growing Tips for Sedeveria Lilac Mist

If you are growing it indoors then make sure you place this plant at the window side where it can get a lot of direct sunlight. It's a drought-tolerant plant. A south-facing window will be a good choice.

Give it very little water. (Poper drainage is recommended for pot planting. You can mix sand with soil)

For fertilization, you don't have to worry much about it. Sedeveria Lilac Mist does not demand fertilizer and without fertilizer, it can survive properly. But if you want your plant to be more green then adding a little amount of slow-releasing or balanced fertilizer will be a good choice.

If you place it in a shady place, then it will become taller. (Which is not normal)

For outdoor planting, you can choose almost any type of area as it can survive in almost every place. If you want to be nice to your Sedeveria Lilac Mist, then plant it in a place where it can get full sunlight and little water.

Do not give fertilizer during the dormant winter season.

Avoid pruning this plant unless you find deceased leaves.

Propagation of Sedeveria Lilac Mist

We can easily propagate Sedeveria Lilac Mist with leaf propagation.

Just pluck leaves carefully and keep the leaves in a pot to let them dry. (Shady place)

After 3-5 days, you can place it on the soil, and within a few days, the roots will start growing.

Friendly tip: If you really want to propagate your Sedeveria Lilac Mist, then choose a parent plant first and keep it indoors in a shady place. It will make your Sedeveria Lilac Mist taller and you can easily pluck the leaves.

You can also apply offset propagation on this plant. (Which means you can cut a part of your plant and then plant it in the soil)


Sedeveria Lilac Mist is not toxic to pets or humans. Do not worry if you have cats or dogs.

Winter care:

In winter put your plant indoors to overwinter Sedeveria Lilac Mist. If you plant it outside then make sure that you protect it in such a way that it does not get frozen.

Some pictures of Sedeveria Lilac Mist

Sedeveria Lilac Mist unorganized growth
Least organized growth of Sedeveria Lilac Mist
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Sedeveria Blue Mist
Sedeveria lilac Mist
Sedeveria lilac Mist
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