Rangoon Creeper flower vine growing and caring tips

Rangoon Creeper

Combretum Indicum also known as Rangoon Creeper or Burma Creeper is from Combretaceae Family.

I have grown Rangoon Creeper (Chinese Honeysuckle) in my Garden and today I will give you the best growing and caring tips for your Rangoon Creeper.

This type of flowering vine plant usually grows in warm climates. Mostly in the parts of Asia.

But it can be grown well in Florida too due to its warm and humid climate.

Rangoon Creeper with less or no vines

Let's clear some doubts regarding the vines of this flowering plant.

Actually, there are two types of Ragnoon Creeper, one can be easily grown in a pot and another one tends to grow a lot more by spreading their vines.

There is no difference between the flowers. One is sturdy and strong and another one can grow a lot of vines.

Rangoon Creeper with no vines

As you can see there are no major vines. This plant can be grown in a pot easily.

Growing Tips

I will not write a lot of things here. Will just focus on what to do to get healthy Rangoon Creeper with a lot of nice flowers.

The below are the most vital points:

  1. Get full sunlight in the daytime.
  2. Well drainage soil is essential.
  3. Mix sand with garden soil if possible.
  4. Apply slow releasing fertilizer.
  5. Cut the vines if you notice too much vines.


Sunlight helps it to make colorful flowers. So if your Rangoon Creeper is in pot then do not place it under shades. Try to give it proper sunlight. (Like the whole day)

If you are going to plant it in the ground then choose a place where it can get all-day sunlight.

Well drainage soil

Before planting it in my garden, I prepared the soil. I mixed a small amount of sandy soil with my ground soil and then planted it there.

It helps to water my newly planted plant. Because you don't have to worry about root rot due to excessive amounts of water.

Do not apply too much fertilizer

Excessive amounts of fertilizer will affect the flowering of this plant.

It will help grow the plant but you will see fewer flowers.

Pruning the vines

This plant will grow with its vines. But believe me, if you cut a few of its newly grown vines, then it will grow more sturdy and strong branches with a good amount of flower buds.

In the below image I have shown a vine that needs to be cut off.

Rangoon creeper vine

Propagation of Rangoon Creeper

It can be grown from the cuttings majorly.

But you can also find its seeds if you are lucky enough.

Rangoon Creeper From cuttings

Select a healthy stem (not slick vines) and cut that. (It should be near about 8 inches).

Cut with a sharp knife or cutting kit. Then leave it for a day to dry. Then plant it in your prepared soil. Watering thrice a week is mandatory.

Note: Do not touch the newly planted cutting, as it will be in its root-growing state. If you touch the cutting, newly grown roots will be destroyed.

Grow Rangoon Creeper from seeds

If you can get or buy seeds of this plant then you can get the saplings as other flowering plants. Just prepare your soil in a pot with cocopeat and then plant the seeds.

Keep watering and you will get the saplings.

But how to get seeds from a grown rangoon creeper?

Well, you have to keep patience and keep looking for seeds.

I have got one so I am sharing how it looks:

Rangoon Creeper seed

You can wait for it to grow old and dry so that you can collect the seeds.

Overwintering Rangoon Creep

Do you know that if you keep it in an open place during winter, this plant will die? So try to cover it up in the winter season if you are staying in cold places.

If this is in a pot then no need to worry. In winter, you can place the pot inside to keep it warm and nice.

Rangoon Creeper Attracts a lot of butterflies

I love this plant as it attracts butterflies. It has a sweet fragrance.

Butterfly on Rangoon Creeper

Here are some photos of my Rangoon Creeper plant.