How to grow miniature roses in Florida

Miniature roses in florida

Growing miniature roses in Florida is not a big deal as Florida's weather and climate both are suitable for it. In different parts of the world, this flower is known by different names. Someone told me this flower is also known as Spray rose in stores like Publix. It's also known as Rosa Multiflora.

Some pictures of Miniature Roses

These little beauties may be small, but you can't even imagine how beautiful they can be. Here I am sharing some pictures of what I have grown:

All those are miniature red roses.

Information table of Miniature roses

Characteristic Description
Height Typically 6 to 24 inches (15 to 60 cm) depending on the variety.
Lifespan Perennial; can live for many years with proper care.
Sunlight Full sun (6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily).
Watering Moderate
Soil Type Well-draining soil with a slightly acidic pH (around 6.0).
Fertilization Use a balanced, slow-release rose fertilizer in spring and mid-summer. Avoid excessive fertilization.
Pruning Prune after getting flowers.
Pest Management Monitor for common rose pests (aphids, mites, beetles) and treat promptly with insecticidal soap or neem oil if necessary.
Disease Management Watch for fungal diseases like black spot and powdery mildew. Apply fungicides as needed and maintain good air circulation.
Protection from Weather Provide shade during extreme heat and cover during cold spells or frost warnings.
Variety Selection Choose disease-resistant miniature rose varieties suitable for your climate (e.g., 'Sunblaze,' 'Sweet Sunblaze,' 'PatioHit' for Florida).

Select a variant of this rose that you will love to grow

There are multiple types of miniature roses along with a lot of different colors like white, red, yellow mixed with white, etc. You can ask the nursery to show you what they have.

I love the red and pink one personally.

I have brought this flower variant from India. Because the number of flowers is more than the local ones.

Choose a location for planting the mini rose plant

I always prefer ground over pot for growing plants. The reason is simple, it will allow the roots to spread as much as they want to.

But if you do not have any outdoor space then you can use a pot. (For those who are staying in apartments in the big cities)

But for this mini rose or miniature roses whatever you say, I personally do like pot planting too. Because it is really a mini plant. The number of flowers is a lot more than the regular roses.

Prepare soil for it

Once you bring home your new plant, prepare the soil before planting it. It will take some extra effort and time but believe me you will be happy to see the results. (Thank me later)

Mix some compost fertilizer, and a little bit of sandy oil, or add sand to your soil directly. (Sand-mixed soil is always better for growing flower plants and vegetables as well). As most of the parts of Florida have sandy soil, probably you don't have to add more sand.

Friendly tip: You can add peat moss to make the soil lighter. It will allow passing a decent amount of air through the soil.


Do not remove the soil that is already in the container with the plant. Just break the container or put the plant out of the container.

Planting in the ground

Dig a hole about 6 inches and put your miniature rose plant. Make sure that the stem of the plant should not be covered by the soil more than 1 inch.

Now, add the soil that you have prepared for it and pour in the hole to fill the gaps.

Make it tighter with your hands. Add some water and you are all set.

Planting in the pot

Get a pot of 8 inches and check if the pot has a hole at the bottom or not. If there is no hole, just add a hole to drain the water. (If you wish you can add up to 4 wholes)

Spread some small rocks and sand at the bottom of the pot and then add your prepared soil. Then place your plant in the pot.


Watering varies from season to season.

Watering in winter

Just water your plant as much as possible just to keep the soil moist.

Watering in summer and spring

Water your plant regularly either in the morning or evening. Do not water at noon.

Pruning of miniature rose plant

I don't like pruning much as I love plants and I don't want my plants to be pruned unnecessarily. But this time pruning is very essential. Once you get flowers, wait for your flowers to fall from the stem itself. Then cut the stem just from the below of the flower holder. If you don't cut the stem, the stem will start dying and it will spread through the stem.

Protect from Extreme Weather

In Florida, the summer heat and occasional cold snaps can stress your roses. Provide some shade during the hottest part of the day and cover them during rare cold spells.

Monitor and Enjoy

Regularly monitor your miniature roses for signs of health and vigor. With proper care, they should reward you with vibrant and fragrant blooms throughout the growing season.

Remember that Florida's climate can be challenging for roses due to the high humidity and disease pressure. Choosing disease-resistant varieties, maintaining good hygiene practices, and providing proper care will help you grow healthy and beautiful miniature roses in the Sunshine State.

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