How to Germinate Canna Lily Seeds - Effectively

Canna lily from seeds

Growing Canna Lily from Canna seeds is not as easy as other flowering plants. If you know the reason why it takes a lot of time to germinate Canna seeds then you can make the germination faster. Growing canna lily from seeds is really impressive work for a gardener.

I hope you have already got the seeds. I would like to remind you that do not expect an identical plant to the parent plant if you are growing from seeds. It may change or may not.

Germination of Canna Lily Seeds

In our school's biology class, we learned we need three things to germinate a seed. Those are light, air, and water.

Due to the hard shell of Canna seeds, it's not easy to reach the water inside the seed. Sometimes it can take around a year to start the germination process.

So what we will do?

  • Scarification: Rubbing the seeds.
  • Water soaking: Soak in Lukewarm water.
  • Sowing: Then we will sow those seeds.
  • Planting: Plant those to your desired location.

Step 1: Scarification of Canna seeds

Once you get the seeds, look closely at seeds.

Canna lily seeds
Canna Lily Seeds

Inside those mummy-looking things, seeds can be found.

The black rounded objects are seeds of Canna lily. You can see a slight bump on each seed. (Depending upon the type of the lily)

Your goal is to rub the seeds on sandpaper until the white portion comes out. Once you find the white portion, stop rubbing.

Canna seed after rubbing
Canna seed after rubbing

Sorry about the picture quality as it is a cropped screenshot just to show you the white portion inside the seed.

Warning: Do not rub too much, it may damage the seeds.

Step 2: Soak in Lukewarm Boiled water

This step is effective for making the germination process faster.

Take your seeds in a pot.

Boil some water and when the bubbling stops, add the water to the pot.

The seeds will start soaking in water.

Wait for a week. Within 1 week the seeds will start the germination process (Sprouting).

If you notice the germination, remove the water from the pot.

Note: Adding hydrogen peroxide to the water will boost the germination process on canna seeds.

Step 3: It's time to sow the germinated seeds

Prepare your soil in a pot or in the ground. Put the seeds in the soil. Do not bury the whole seeds. Add some water to it.

Cover the pot using a plastic container or anything else. It will increase the humidity which is good for the little sprouts.

Final Step: Planting

Once the sprouts become strong enough to be planted, you can plant those. It can take 20-25 days. Choose separate pots or containers for each seed or dig a small hole in the ground to plant those saplings. (make sure you have prepared your soil on the ground before planting.

You should take care of these if you are germinating canna seeds

  • Never ever pour too hot water on your seeds.
  • Do not touch the roots when it just started growing.

Will I get the same color in Canna lily if I grow it from seeds?

Remember that growing canna lilies from seeds may not result in plants that are identical to the parent plants. If you are looking for specific characteristics, it's often more reliable to propagate canna lilies through rhizomes or tubers.

A picture of a canna lily that is grown from seed

Take a look at what I have grown from seed

Canna lily that is grown from seed
Canna lily that is grown from seed